"300" Yes's

In this life you're going to hear a lot of "No's" from people and situations. No, you're not good enough, No, you can't do that, No, you're too old, blah, blah, blah. All you're looking for is 300 Yes's in order to accomplish what you need to do in life. Gideon, a Biblical character, is asked to recruit military men in order to deliver the Israeli nation from its enemies. Out of the thousands of "No's", he gets 300 "Yes's". Gideon and his mighty 300 go down in history as one of the mightiest fighting forces of that time. This is not as much of a Bible story as it is a life story. 

You have to get through the numerous amount of No's that life is going to hand you in order to get to the Yes's. Most people are fearful and comfortable of right where they are in life, and they want you to be the same. Except, you have a fire in your belly that tells you that you should be doing something different.

Is it exactly 300 Yes's that you're looking for? I don't exactly know, but I do know that you have to fight through the bombardment of No's in order to get to YOUR Yes's.  

Just remember to tell yourself, "It's only 300 Yes's I'm looking for!"

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